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Small group or 1-on-1

Whether you don't know where to start, you're stuck, or you've gone off track, Ebony Consulting can help. If your need is as simple as establishing a Diversity & Inclusion Committee or as complex as developing a cross-organizational employment equity policy supported by an actionable Intercultural Development Inventory profile assessment, we can help. 


Employment Equity Services

  • Policy/Procedure Design and Development

  • Employment Equity Workforce Planning (goals, timetables, etc.)

  • Employment System Reviews

  • Development of  Tools & Resources

  • Employment Equity Measurement, Evaluation and Reporting

  • Professional Development (including for Employment Equity profesi

Strategic Directions

  • Diversity Committee and/or Council creation, advancement and development

  • Establishing Employee Resource groups (i.e. Women, Indigenous and/or African Nova Scotians).

  • Strategic planning

  • Conducting equity and cultural audits

  • Developing Cultural Lens documents (including for guiding policy and communications development)

  • Custom research & surveys


Contact Crystal to learn more. 

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