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Crystal Taylor, and by extension Ebony Consulting, is governed by the idea that you must put good into the world to make it a better place. Crystal strives to live her life by this Maya Angelo quote:

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you
did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  ~ Maya Angelou

Here's how Ebony Consulting has made its clients feel:

"It was a pleasure to work with Crystal who delivered two presentations on diversity and inclusion to members of the music industry. It was easy for our group to be create open and respectful dialogue with Crystal setting the tone.


She is extremely well versed on the topic and is a very engaging presenter who welcomes conversation and interaction among attendees. Would highly recommend Crystal to deliver these sessions to a variety of audiences."

Stephanie Purcell

Chair of the Board

Halifax Pop Explosion Music Festival

"I have had the privilege of working with Crystal for over twenty years. She is an exceptional educator who consistently receives the highest of accolades from her audience.  Crystal approaches her work with sincerity and an open mind allowing her to create spaces where deep learning can take place. 


She is able to both support and challenge people as they explore their own thoughts and beliefs about diversity and inclusion and I have been repeatedly impressed by how much personal growth her students attribute to her methods, knowledge and ability to listen without judgement."

Susanna E. Burns

Program Director/Assistant Professor

Dalhousie University

College of Continuing Education

"Crystal developed an appropriate and engaging set of workshops designed for the specific needs of the Metropolitan Regional Housing Authority (MRHA), including separate sessions for staff and management.  At the time, I was the General Manager of the MRHA and worked with Crystal during the needs assessment, introducing the workshops, and the follow-up. Crystal built positive relationships and rapport with participants.  She was able to address challenging and emotionally evocative material in a way that was respectful to the diverse participant perspectives, was honest, authentic, and engaging for everyone.

My recollection is that the courses were effective in engaging the organization in conversations about topics that had previously been taboo to discuss, and that had been glossed over or shuffled aside because of the discomfort and uncertainty about how to have those conversations.  Crystal was very effective at creating a safe space to open the door to the conversation, learning and growing together."

Janet Burt-Gerrans

Former General Manager

Metro Regional Housing Authority

"Crystal is an expert in her field as well as a gifted facilitator. She is able to create a learning environment that is open and appreciative. I would describe our work with her as one based on collaboration and respect, which is essential when working on issues of equity, diversity and inclusion.

Ms. Taylor is wonderful to work with, she is professional yet warm and personable. She is great listener and solutions orientated."

Terrah Keener, PhD
Manager, School of Access

Nova Scotia Community College

"At CDHA’s Leadership Summit in 2018, Crystal Taylor delivered an impactful and reflective presentation on workplace culture and the importance of respectful and healthy workplaces. “Building Respectful and Civil Workplace Cultures” provides an engaging overview of how diversity and inclusion play into civility and respect in the workplace. Her eloquent, graceful and reverent presentation style mentor the characteristics of respectful leadership. I employ you to see it for yourself."

Melissa Chaulk, RDH, BSc
Manager, Professional Development
Canadian Dental Hygienists Association

"The realization that some things that aren't working in our organization are because we keep doing them the same way. Reaching out, asking honest questions and being open in a different way are key to true inclusion. The day was perfect and I felt I could have done another day. Crystal was exceptionally organized, and her positive energy was limitless. She kept us on track all day and even with an hour-long video the workshop never seemed to drag. All participants were "with" her the entire day!"

Valerie Hillier

Director of Programming

The Fredericton Playhouse

"Crystal Taylor’s sessions with our staff & members were incredibly eye opening and challenged our ideas on what it means to create inclusive spaces in the performing arts community. Crystal created a safe environment for participants to consider the biases, beliefs and behaviours that so negatively affect our day to day lives and work spaces. She shed light on mistakes we make,  even in our attempts to be inclusive of all people in our decision making. Crystal’s workshops continue to be discussed by our members and have created a lasting effect on the many organizations that participated."

Laurie Gillis 

Executive Director

Atlantic Presenters Association

"I have never seen so many of my colleagues (and myself) affected so profoundly after a one-day workshop. So many realizations. It was a tiring day but would have loved a second day to explore more deeply. We are considering having Crystal come to our theatre so that she can work with our whole staff and Board."

Bethany Stout 

Assistant Executive Director

Imperial Theatre

"We are still raving about how amazing it has been to have the opportunity to work with Ebony Consulting so the more praise we can offer the better. Crystal was amazing to work with and all of us at APA can't say enough about the spark she has created in both us & our members.


Working with Crystal Taylor informed the way I see the world in a way no other facilitator I have come across. She gives eye-opening examples, creates a safe & calm environment, and offers group activities that spark inspiring conversation.


Most importantly Crystal challenges you and makes you rethink the biases you hold in order to discover how you can have a positive impact on your surroundings & create an inclusive environment to live and work within. We all must challenge ourselves & look within to create a better world and Crystal Taylor gives you the tools to do so."

Rebecca Ford

Program Coordinator
Atlantic Presenters Association

"When I stepped forward as the Executive Sponsor and co-chair of our departmental Diversity Committee, I engaged Crystal Taylor of Ebony Consulting to help ensure we got off on the right foot.  By using current state information available to us e.g. census data, engagement survey results, etc., augmented by a senior leadership survey (administered by Crystal), Crystal led us through important conversations, workshops and planning exercises which helped us determine where we should focus our efforts.  With her leadership, we developed an action plan, including our vision, mission, values and actions that we continue to update and use today, to help us focus on our development and on increasing awareness for where we need to go as a department.To this day, I continue to recommend Crystal Taylor to help provide expertise and leadership on raising the bar on diversity and inclusion."

Tracy Crowell, MPA

Executive Director

Corporate Affairs Branch, Department of Internal Services

Province of Nova Scotia

"The workshop facilitated by Crystal at Ebony Consulting was not meant to be a checkbox or a one and done session, but rather an engagement to an ongoing dialogue on inclusivity and diversity.  Crystal has provided us with better tools and strategies for conversations as we advance in this process.  The presentation materials were relevant and timely to discussions we’ve been having at Arts Nova Scotia and the Department of Communities Culture and Heritage.  The homework assigned in preparation to the workshop were thought provoking  and extremely important in order to fully participate in the day-long session.  Crystal’s approach to facilitation was personable, challenging and compassionate and participants genuinely left with changed perceptions and an awareness to diversity and inclusion issues on a deeper level."

Briony Carros


Arts Nova Scotia

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