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About Crystal

Crystal Taylor loves poodles. In fact, Ebony Consulting is the namesake of Miss Tia-Ebony, Crystal's late miniature poodle.

She's also a results-driven facilitator, award-winning diversity strategist (including the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal), policy analyst, adult educator and coach with a passion for helping organizations and individuals build the cultural capacity they need to achieve their inclusion objectives.

In addition to a Master of Adult Education, Crystal is a Certified Coach Practitioner, a Certified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory and the Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory, a Certified Portfolio Development Trainer, a member of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce and has over 30 years of experience in the diversity, inclusion and human resources field.

Crystal is a leading voice in shaping local equity policies, and diversity and inclusion education. In fact, in the early 1990's, as Nova Scotia became the first province in Canada to show its commitment to strengthening employment equity policy and diversity practices, Crystal was appointed to develop mandatory diversity and inclusion workshops learning for all provincial civil servants.


Over the course of five years, she has designed and administered the first diversity and inclusion program of its kind in Canada and trained more than 100 departmental facilitators through a train-the-trainer model. Subsequently, these workshops were delivered to 11,400 public servants throughout the Province of Nova Scotia; what's more, they became a sought-after template for future work.

Since then, Crystal has helped clients in federal and provincial government, post-secondary and private industry embrace their human capital, unleash their diversity potential and transform their organizational cultures by infusing inclusion into their policies, practices and strategic directions. 

By offering her services and programming in areas such as employment equity, respect & civil workplace cultures, cultural competency, inclusive leadership, unconscious bias and so on. Crystal has helped clients move visions of diversity and inclusion from the page into practice. 


Crystal is a well-recognized, trail-blazing diversity and inclusion practitioner who's adeptly able to navigate the unique complexities and opportunities of her clients' organizations. She's highly-recognized for creating partnerships, cultivating relationships, nurturing collaborative efforts and achieving results. She's also known for ensuring that her clients are equipped to realize their goals and inspire others. 

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